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Teacher PD

At Binnacle Training we are committed to supporting the personal and professional growth of our amazing teachers.


Teacher PD with Binnacle

Throughout the year we provide a variety of personal and professional development opportunities to best support our amazing Binnacle Training teachers and partner schools.

From teacher inductions, race days, to our annual VET in Schools Conference – we’re here to help!


Curated specifically for Binnacle Training teachers, our virtual workshops are held in Semester One each year, and delivered via our ‘Elevate’ virtual streaming platform.

Our workshops are specifically tailored to our programs and provide a forum for the communication of key updates, current industry insights, and sharing of teacher knowledge. These workshops are designed to help our teachers deepen their knowledge and gain confidence in the classroom.

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ViSC (VET in Schools Conference)

Binnacle Training’s annual VET in Schools Conference (ViSC) is a ONE DAY PD event provided FREE to all Binnacle partner schools. All Binnacle Program Areas (Business, Sport & Fitness) are addressed in a one day ‘super conference’ with separate streams for Business and Sport & Fitness. ViSC is a hybrid event where teachers can attend either face-to-face or virtually.

ViSC provides Binnacle Program Deliverers with leading industry PD, as well as key Binnacle updates. With industry keynote speakers, industry-based workshops and relevant case studies, ViSC provides teachers with the opportunity to learn new techniques and ideas to apply to their teaching.

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At Binnacle Training we know it can be difficult to get to PD’s off-site. That’s why we regularly host webinars to help our teachers in the comfort of your environment – covering everything from ‘getting school year ready’ to key program updates.

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Social events

It’s not all updates and industry insights…at Binnacle Training we like to have fun too! Throughout the year we have multiple social events for our teachers to relax and have a little fun. It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ for all your efforts.

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