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At Binnacle Training we value developing relationships with our teachers through face-to-face and virtual professional development opportunities.


Semester 1 Workshops

Our Binnacle Training Workshops are strategically scheduled in Semester 1 and are now delivered across two days and are specifically tailored for our Program Deliverers with leading industry professionals addressing all Binnacle Program areas (Sport, Fitness, Business, Tourism and First Aid) as well as information on key Binnacle Updates across each of our courses.

These workshops help our teachers deepen their knowledge and assist with their program delivery whilst connecting with other deliverers from across the state whilst assisting teachers in meeting their HR requirements.

Semester 1 Workshop (2022)

VET in Schools Conference (ViSC)

Binnacle Training’s annual VET in Schools Conference (ViSC) is a ONE DAY Professional Development event for Binnacle Deliverers, normally held in Term 4 (Week 8). This event is FREE for all Binnacle Partner Schools.

Our Annual VET in Schools Conference enables all our wonderful Binnacle Program deliverers to satisfy their HR requirements for Semester 2 for both VET and Industry PD as this conference covers the 3 hours minimum required for each PD activity. This information can be located in the Human Resource (HR) requirements section of the Binnacle Third Party Agreement (TPA). 

  • Leading Industry and VET Professional Development
  • Industry Keynote Speakers
  • Industry-Led Workshops and Training
  • Recognition for our amazing Teachers and Program Ambassadors
  • Key Binnacle Program Updates across each course of delivery
  • The conference is available to all our Partner Schools in Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory

ViSC 2022 (Album #1) ViSC 2022 (Album #2)

Discovery Days

Discovery Days afford students the opportunity to undertake a real-word immersion (i.e. Discovery) in an authentic learning environment along with their class peers and teachers, thus ‘Connecting Industry with the Classroom’.

This immersion occurs via observing and/or participating in the common work activities of any given workplace. This includes seeing interactions among staff and customers, a tour of the work facilities and observing the application of organisational procedures. In doing so, students are best able to link what they are learning as part of the Binnacle Certificate Program to that of an actual workplace.

Discovery Days are a wonderful supplement to actual work experience – particularly for students who may not be able to secure work experience that is specifically aligned to their Certificate Program. These experiences also provide each of our Program Deliverers (i.e. Teachers) with an ideal Industry Workplace Visit which is a Semester 1 and Semester 2 HR Requirement for each program they are delivering.

Discovery Day Partners

Social Events

It’s not all updates and industry insights, at Binnacle Training we like to have fun too. Throughout the year we have multiple social events for our teachers to relax and have a little fun. 

After a busy term, it’s time to kick back, relax and celebrate everything you’ve achieved, plus giving you the opportunity to network with your peers. It’s our way of saying ‘thank you for all your efforts’.

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Thursday, 19th May

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Semester 1 Workshop (2022) – Sport, Fitness & Recreation

Friday, 20th May

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