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VETiS Funded (QLD)

Binnacle Training (RTO 31319) is approved as a Skills Assure Supplier (SAS) to deliver SIS20122 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation as a VETiS funded qualification.


VETiS Funded (QLD)

Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) Initiative, funded by the Queensland Government.

Binnacle Training is approved as a Skills Assure Supplier (SAS) for the VETiS funded qualification: Certificate II in Sport and Recreation (SIS20122).

Under the SAS system, funding follows the eligible student to their chosen SAS and is paid directly to the SAS on submission of the student’s validated training data.

All other Binnacle qualifications are delivered as ‘Fee for Service’ only as invoiced to the School.

VETiS funded by the VET investment budget is fee-free for students. Under Binnacle’s Third Party arrangement with schools, this means that the school should not pass on any fees to the student – pertaining to the VETiS-funded (Certificate II) qualification – where this has been subsidised through VETiS.

The VET investment budget will provide funding for students to complete one VETiS qualification listed on the Priority Skills List while attending secondary school (in Years 10, 11 and 12). This means if a student has previously utilised their VETiS subsidy with another qualification that they have completed – then the student would be:

  • ineligible for this program to be offered as a VETiS-funded qualification; however
  • will still be able to enrol into the Binnacle Certificate II in Sport and Recreation as per Binnacle’s normal ‘Fee for Service’ arrangement. See School Pricing ➜
Who is eligible to receive funded training?

To be eligible to access a VETiS qualification funded by the Queensland Government, prospective students must:

  • Be currently enrolled in a secondary school, in Year 10, 11 or 12;
  • Permanently reside in Queensland;
  • Be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident (includes humanitarian entrant), temporary resident with the necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residence, or a New Zealand citizen.
Fee-free for VETiS Students – Certificate II Participant Fees as invoiced to School WAIVED

For students who a) ‘opt in’ to Binnacle’s Certificate II in Sport and Recreation as their 1 x VETiS funded qualification, and b) meet VETiS funding eligibility requirements, Binnacle will waive ALL Certificate II participant fees as invoiced to the school. This is as follows:

  • Certificate II in Sport and Recreation – $265 per student – WAIVED for all VETiS students
  • Sport-specific accreditations where required for competency completion (e.g. NRL modified games coach accreditation – $25 per student) – WAIVED for all VETiS students
Students may choose not to access the VETiS subsidy

At the time of enrolment, eligible students will choose whether or not they wish to access the VETiS subsidy specific to the VETiS-funded qualification. Where students ‘opt-in’, this will include a student acknowledgement and a teacher acknowledgement to confirm that

  • the student has been adequately informed about VETiS funding availability for this qualification prior to confirming their selection above; and
  • this VETiS information has also been supplied to the student’s parent/guardian in the form of completion/return of Binnacle’s Parent Acknowledgement.

Prior to reporting as VETiS, Binnacle’s internal procedure will be to confirm with the nominated Program Manager the VETiS eligibility of each student seeking to access the VETiS subsidy.

For students choosing not to access the VETiS subsidy (i.e. Fee for Service), a participant fee will be charged upon enrolment cut-off (30 June of commencement year) in Term 3. See School Pricing ➜

We hope the information above helps clarify the exciting VETiS opportunity presented to all Queensland students and how Binnacle is ensuring our partner schools are best supported. For further clarification, please see the below links or contact us.

Additional information

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Please also refer to the Queensland Government’s website for more information on VET in schools courses funded through the VET investment budget:

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