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The Binnacle Difference

For the past 10 years, Binnacle Training has been 100% devoted to providing secondary schools and colleges with the support and teaching resources required to make life easier for teachers delivering Vocational Education and Training (VET).

Online assessment
Teachers working with teachers
Resources developed
for you
Up to the
minute progress reporting
Making life easier for teachers

Save Time & Money

There is a difference between ordinary and Binnacle.

Save time and money with the highest quality program developed for you.

We understand the challenging day-to-day environment that encompasses teaching, let alone the day-to-day compliance that goes with administering and managing your VET offerings.

At Binnacle, we ensure your VET experience is a positive one.

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RPL for Teachers

Binnacle Training has designed an accelerated program in your area of expertise.

Our goal is to ensure you receive full recognition for your skills and qualifications with no release time required.

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Our Programs

Cert III Business

Students apply a range of business skills – including leadership and innovation, customer service, personal management and financial literacy.

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Cert III Fitness

Students deliver fitness programs within their school community. Allows scope for extension students to commence Cert IV Fitness while in Year 12.

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Cert III/II Sport & Rec

Students deliver sport programs within their school community. Includes accreditations in officiating and coaching. Available in Sport Specialty formats. VETiS funded (QLD).

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Short Courses

Includes Sports Coach (2 QCE) and Sports First Aid (2 QCE) - designed for delivery over 2 or more terms. Perfect fit for Year 10 HPE or Senior Recreation.

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Latest News

Strive to be Kind Day - July 31st 2016

ALISON BADEN-CLAY FOUNDATION To provide a proactive response to domestic and family violence in Queensland by providing financial support, understanding and education, both to those who have experienced abuse and to the broader community, and to promote a violence free community. The Strive to be Kind campaign aims to raise funds to support the Allison Baden Clay Foundation to develop and implement an App which will both educate as well as be a crisis notification tool for use by those at risk of harm. In addition, one of our long term goals is to have an educational program aligned with the National Australian Curriculum for schools (both primary and secondary), colleges and universities. Educating and empowering people in schools, workplaces and the community about respectful relationships, how to recognise and deal with unhealthy relationships and understanding domestic violence in all its forms are all areas in which we will focus in the coming months. “ Allison was a kind, generous and loving woman who devoted her life to her children. Her character was impeccable and her actions always displayed love and kindness in all that she did.
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