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Discovery Days

Discovery Days are a direct link for students between the qualification they are undertaking and the industry within their community. They can also be used by our teachers (Program Deliverers) as an industry workplace visit, a requirement for their industry currency.


Discovery Days afford students the opportunity to undertake a real-world immersion (discovery) along with their class peers and teacher. This immersion occurs via observing and/or participating in the common work activities of a workplace that aligns with their VET subject (Binnacle Program). This includes seeing interactions among staff and customers, a tour of work facilities, and observing the application of organisational procedures. In doing so, students are best able to link what they are learning in their VET subject to an actual workplace.
Discovery Days are a wonderful supplement to actual work experience – particularly for students who may not be able to secure work experience that is specifically aligned to their VET subject.


F45 Training Stafford

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Renegade Conditioning

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