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Turn your dream into Reality.

Binnacle Training wants to help you turn your business idea into a real business! Binnacle Boss is the springboard you need to take your dream and make it a reality. 


Hey Queensland Students!

Got an idea for a business? It’s time to tell us about it and be in the running for over $5,000 worth of business start-up prizes! 

Check out the business start-up prizes

Want the winning edge? Be sure to use the Binnacle Boss Pitch Kit which has been specifically developed to help your team nail that pitch! 

Download the Pitch Kit

Our expert panel of Binnacle Bosses can’t wait to meet and mentor our next group of budding entrepreneurs.

Leanne Kemp
QLD Chief Entrepreneur
QLD Government

Taj Pabri
Founder & CEO
Fiftysix Creations

Brad Bulow
Sammut Bulow

Samantha Brooks
Fuse Agency

Andrew Welstead



  • Got an idea for a business? It’s time to tell us about it. You can enter individually or as a group (max 4 students).
  • The Binnacle Boss – Young Entrepreneur Competition is eligible to ALL Queensland Secondary School students currently in Years 7-12.


  • Tell us about your business. What is it about your idea that sets you apart from the rest? How are you going to be profitable? How do you intend to make an impact? How do you see your business being sustainable?
  • Binnacle Training has developed a tool kit of resources to help you create the perfect pitch for your business. Your pitch will be judged against the following criteria – Creativity, Impact, Innovation, Collaboration, and Business Strategy. Make sure your pitch grabs the audience’s attention!

Download the Binnacle Boss Pitch Kit


  • Time to grab our attention! Create a 2-3 minute video pitch of your start-up business.
  • Use whatever resources you have to record and edit your pitch video. Play to your strengths and make your video pop – there is no limit on your creativity.

Tips on your 3 minute PITCH


  • Email your video OR send us a private YouTube or Vimeo link to between the period of Wednesday 27th May to Monday 31st August
  • Video file types accepted are MPEG, MP4 and MOV files ONLY. If the video file size is greater than 20MB, please send to via WeTransfer which is a FREE file exchange platform that allows videos up to 2GB in size.
  • Make sure you follow Binnacle Training (on Facebook and Instagram) to access helpful tips and information from our Binnacle Boss panelists.

Pitch Kit

The FYA’s $20 Boss Program

For additional learning and inspiration, we encourage you to check out these wonderful resources below from the FYA’s $20 Boss Program.


Support Modules (each 1-2 hours duration)

To access FYA’s $20 Boss Toolkit in full (25 lessons)

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