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Partial Completion Programs

$180 per student*

*  Binnacle Training must be notified for every student who is partially completing the Certificate Program or the full cost will be incurred.

How does it differ from the full Certificate Programs?

Each 'Partial Completion Program' simply requires the student to complete Terms 1-4 of the full 7-term program.  In doing so, students who successfully complete Terms 1-4 assessment will be eligible to receive 50% (or more) of the competencies towards the Certificate III/II.

If the student is completing a Certificate III + Certificate II entry Program and successfully completes Terms 1-4 assessment as well as First Aid for relevant Programs (Sport & Recreation and Fitness), they will be eligible to receive the Certificate II + any competencies towards the Certficate III.  

QLD SCHOOLS:  All Binnacle Certificate III Programs contribute a maximum of 8 credits towards a QCE, with the exception of SIS30115 Certificate III in Sport and Recreation which contributes a maximum of 7 credits.  Certificate II Programs contribute a maximum of 4 credits towards a QCE. Therefore:

  • Binnacle Certificate III (Partial Completion) = max. 4 QCE Credits (with the exception of SIS30115 Cert III Sport and Recreation, where a Partial Completion will contribute max. 3 QCE Credits); and
  • Binnacle Certificate II (Partial Completion) = max. 2 QCE Credits

These programs are an ideal fit for:

Year 12 students - i.e. a non-Binnacle student changing subjects at the end of Year 11 and looking to join a Binnacle course in Year 12.

Fast Track (4-Term) Program

For Binnacle's Certificate III Programs in Business and Sport, a 'Fast Track' course (i.e. one year) option is made available to schools able to resource this model (where the subject is offered across 2 study lines, or equivalent).

Under this Fast Track format, the full Certificate III Program is scheduled for completion by end of Term 4. A 'Fast Track' course would therefore negate the need for a Partial Completion option.

NOTE:  This Fast Track (one year) option is not available for Binnacle's Certificate III in Fitness, due to the heavier 'outside subject commitment' (practical experience) required of this program.

How is it run?

The Partial Completion Program runs in exactly the same fashion as the 7-term course (e.g. lessons, assessments, etc) with the only difference being students finish at the end of Term 4 (see table below).

For this reason it is heavily recommended, timetabling permitting, that a Year 12 student doing a Partial Completion, completes this in a Year 11 class.


TERMS Full Qualification Partial Completion
4 COMPLETION:  Statement of Attainment ONLY 
(listing those competencies completed)