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1 September 2020

Virtual ViSC 2020


Are you ready to – BROADEN YOUR HORIZON

There’s no excuse to miss out on this year’s ViSC, because we are going virtual. All you need to do is roll out of bed and log in!

We’re going to be finishing 2020 with a bang. This year we’ve got Ali Hill from Pragmatic Thinking to kick off the day and we will be launching our NEW Tourism Program.

This won’t be like any virtual event you have seen, our conference platform has been custom-built especially for our event. Get your first-hand taste of conference innovation and what events of the future will look like at ViSC.

For the first time ever all of our teachers will be attending the same ViSC.

Not only that Binnacle Training’s Virtual ViSC will satisfy your Industry & VET PD for 2020.

What are you waiting for? Grab your tickets to our Virtual ViSC today. HERE

Want to know more about Virtual ViSC check out the event page HERE