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18 March 2020

Binnacle Wellbeing


Binnacle Training has a constant need to provide more to our teachers. At ViSC 2019, we took our support to another level and launched the ‘Binnacle Wellbeing Program’.

Aaron Williams from our Binnacle Wellbeing partner business Mindstar helped launch the project to close our ViSC2019 with a bang.

Binnacle Wellbeing is a massive project of Binnacle Trainings, we believe our mission “making life easier for teachers” spans far beyond our Lounge and program development.

Every teacher that delivers Binnacle has access to our E-Wellbeing Hub, this includes access to 3 x free coaching sessions and is 100% confidential.

In conjunction with the Hub a private Binnacle Wellbeing Community group has also been developed for teachers where the get access to all our 90 Day Teacher Wellbeing Program materials.

To find out more talk to one of our team members today.