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All fees related to Binnacle programs are invoiced directly to the partner school. 

 2021 Price Schedule

 2020 Price Schedule

Certificate Programs - Business, Fitness, Sport

Participant Fee

A ‘per participant’ fee is applied to each Certificate Program, based on the number of participants once the enrolment cut-off date (31 July, in the year of course commencement) has lapsed. 

VETiS-Funded Certificate II in Sport and Recreation - Participant Fee Waived

Binnacle Training is approved as a Pre-qualified Supplier (PQS) to deliver Certificate II in Sport and Recreation (SIS20115) as a VETiS funded qualification. All other Binnacle qualifications are delivered as 'Fee for Service' only as invoiced to School.

VETiS funded by the Queensland Government's VET investment budget is fee-free for eligible students.  Where students access their VETiS subsidy for this qualification, Binnacle will ensure the 'per participant' fee as invoiced to School is waived - applicable to each eligible student that accesses their VETiS subsidy with Binnacle. Find out more >

At the commencement of Term 1, an initial invoice (10 participant places) is sent for each 'Fee for Service' Only Certificate Program.  

Do you anticipate a class size of less than 10?  If you are unable to reach 10 participants, the Partner School is to contact Binnacle Training prior to this initial invoice being sent. Where agreed, a modified initial invoice will be drawn.

An adjustment invoice will be sent for the balance of places after the enrolment cut-off date (31 July, in the year of course commencement).  Fees are invoiced to the school and cover the full course duration.

Students that withdraw from the program before the enrolment cut-off (and where Binnacle is notified of this withdrawal) do not incur the participant fee. These students will still be issued a Statement of Attainment for any competencies successfully completed.


School Program Fee*

A ‘per program’ fee is applied to each of Binnacle’s Certificate III Programs (Business, Fitness, Sport).  This fee is discounted where a school offers 2 x Certificate III Programs (e.g. Business + Sport) and discounted further where a school offers all 3 x Certificate III Programs (Business, Fitness, Sport).  This fee covers each program cohort for the full two years and is invoiced at the commencement of Term 1 of the program. 

* NOTE: The Certificate II Program Fee will again be waived in 2020. 


Resource Fee Payable to School (as Third Party)

Binnacle acknowledges the huge contribution made by our valued partner schools as third party in the delivery of all training and assessment services, including provision of training facilities. A resource fee may be payable to your school (as eligible third party) at completion of studies, in consideration for government funded training received by Binnacle, as PQS.  Contact us to discuss eligibility.


School Program Fee Inclusions

This program fee is in consideration for the overall management of the Certificate Program, including: 

  • Ongoing support, mentoring and in-servicing of each teacher (program deliverer).
  • A real-time progress report (class- specific) supplied to each delivering teacher and the school's assigned Program Manager.
  • Program reminders and support from your assigned Binnacle Program Manager.
  • Subscription for all staff to Binnacle broadcasts and VET/Industry updates – currency!
  • Binnacle's annual Workshops (Terms 1-2) and VET in Schools Conference (Term 4) located at central venues throughout the State - for all program delivering (including back-up) teachers, inclusive of program-related, industry-specific and VET professional development.
  • Additional networking events for all participating teachers, hosted by Binnacle.
  • A new release of digital program resources (including all planning documents), updated annually.
  • Subject selection information for students/parents, updated annually.
  • An online, program-specific Vocational Competence Update (VCU) - specifically designed for delivering teachers to demonstrate their vocational competence.
  • Sourcing of additional services to maximise program success - including program-related equipment, Binnacle uniform shirts for both students and teachers, membership subscriptions and other PD activities for teachers.
  • An online VET in Schools community.


Short Courses / First Aid Courses

The school will be invoiced a 'per participant' fee at the time submitted assessment has been processed by Binnacle. 


Binnacle Training may withhold the issuance of certificates where fees applicable to that course (participant and/or program fee) remain outstanding.