Real Schools - Shutdown Brunch PL

February 1, 2020

Real Schools are offering Free PD for teachers regarding how schools should deal with current climate - See detials below


Shutdown Brunch PL

We know that one of the current concerns associated with Coronavirus and schools is looking after and growing staff, students and parents/carers amidst the disruption.

This week, we’re launching Shutdown Brunch PL and it’s going to run on every weekday for at least the next four weeks.  The sessions are focused on one of three areas of need:
  • dealing with current challenges.
  • how we’ll return successfully from a shutdown.
  • broad teaching and leadership topics as an acknowledgement that pre-existing Teacher PL opportunities are currently being cancelled.

If you like the look of any of these sessions, but you’re still working at school, just register anyway and we’ll send you a recording of that session.  We’re just trying to stay ahead of the curve of need here by starting these sessions now.

What you’ll notice is that Amy and Simon are putting their focus on supporting Teachers while my focus is on our School Leaders.

This week’s sessions, with registration links, are: