March 20, 2020


Our 'Top 5 Tools and Tips' to assist ALL Binnacle Deliverers are listed below. As we navigate this uncertain period, our mission to make life easier for teachers remains central to our service and support.

In the event of a school closure (either short or longer duration):

Given at least one or more students will experience internet issues - we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the feature enhancements that have recently been made to 'Download course content from the unit plan' as per Tip #1. 


TIP #1

Download the 2019 Term 6 and 2020 Term 2 Learning Resources - Download All from the Unit Plan. Save to your local drive.

Key Outcome: Allowing you (and your students) to access all learning resources without the need for internet access.

In recent days, Binnacle has prioritised rolling out this new feature in upcoming terms across ALL Binnacle 2019 and 2020 coursesDownload the Course Content files from the Unit Plan:

  • 2019 - Term 5 and 6
  • 2020 - Term 1 and 2

As per our support video:

  • Step 1 - Unit Plan - Export to PDF
  • Step 2 - Key Resources Table - Download all relevant resources (NOTE: We have commenced this process and will be making these download all zip file links available over the coming days).


Downloading Learning Resources

TIP #2

Leveraging Online Learning Resources (available for each course)

Key Outcome: Maximising interactive/engaging and independent student learning wherever and whenever students have access to the internet.

Sport & Fitness Courses:

  • Online Activities Bank - for all Fitness and Sport Courses (2019 and 2020).
  • Video Summaries and Topic Videos - Links to the Video Summaries are available in the Lecture Summaries and Topic Videos have been embedded directly into relevant assessment tasks.

Certificate III in Business Courses (both 2019 and 2020)

  • Canvas LMS for Binnacle
    • Canvas allows you to access your resources in an interactive and engaging format, without the need to download files.
    • If you or your students are still having trouble accessing Canvas, contact your Program Manager (see details in Tip #5).
    • Important Reminder: Canvas LMS is only recommended using the latest version of Chrome and Firefox web browsers. This includes the Password Reset page (it may not work for you on another browser such as Internet Explorer).

EQ SCHOOLS - You can request video unblocks by logging a job through the IT Service Centre. This has been officially confirmed by the Department (CLICK HERE to read our news article for more information on how to carry out this request).


Online Activities Bank - Sport & Fitness

Online Learning in your Binnacle Program

TIP #3

Planning 2 Terms Ahead

Admin Lock Feature - Many Term 7's (2019 courses) and Term 3's (2020 courses) are now available but with Admin Lock applied. This allows you to plan, for most Binnacle courses, two terms ahead.

For our 2019 courses, we anticipate having Term 7 set fully live by early Term 6.


Planning Ahead with Admin Lock

TIP #4

Wellbeing Support Groups for Binnacle Teachers


TIP #5

Your best point of contact = Program Manager. Your Program Manager remains your primary contact for both phone and email support.

Mai Gregory - North Queensland
M: 0408 726 044

Aaron Moore - South Queensland (Gold Coast to Toowoomba)
M: 0428 795 276

Andrew Tazelaar - South East Queensland (Bundaberg to Ipswich)
M: 0400 747 022