Jack Wilson - Deadly Cali Challenge

June 26, 2019

Binnacle Training and Jack Wilson are teaming up

to bring you the:

Jack Wilson - Deadly Cali Challenge

We invite ALL schools, teachers and students currently at a

Queensland Secondary School to enter our

‘Jack Wilson – Deadly Cali Challenge’.

Design a 30-90 second ‘Deadly Cali Challenge’ video that involves a variety of ‘Calisthenic’ movements

(such as running, standing, pushing).

Calisthenics are bodyweight exercises that are often performed rhythmically and with minimal equipment.

We encourage entrants to be ‘creative’ and ‘safe’ when designing their Deadly Cali Course using either

their school or local community as the ideal filming location. No video editing skills required. All footage

can simply be taken on your phone and uploaded accordingly.

Get a few of your school mates together and film, using your phone, a short ‘Deadly Cali Challenge’ video

that you can upload to either your personal social media accounts or schools social account AND:

a)      tag Binnacle Training (see social tags below);
b)      tag Jack Wilson @deadlyninjawarrior (on Instagram); AND
c)       include the hashtag #deadlycalichallenge

Facebook - @binnacleTRO
Instagram - @binnacletraining_rtocode31319
Twitter - @BinnacleRTO
The competition commences on Monday, 15th of July 2019 at 10:00AM (AEST) 

and concludes on Friday, 30th of August 2019 at 3:00PM (AEST).

For any further information please see the Terms and Conditions attached.

Best wishes to all entrants.

From the Jack Wilson - the Ninja Warrior
and the Binnacle Team.